Pussy Pop 2019 promo “Waavy”

I loved making this promo. Hannah Bull, from Houston artists and event artists BAMBULL BLACK, puts on an amazing event every year to raise money and awareness for women's health issues. This was the only piece of marketing for the sold out event.

StackzTooTrill - Lonely

I shot and directed this video. It was edited by KoTa and wHITE wOLFF pAARKH.

Sky - Medellín to Miami

Director: Kyle Goldberg, Priya Minhas 

Director of Photography: Kyle Goldberg 

Producer: Priya Minhas, Janely Fernandez, Madeline Schmidt, Trae Stanley

Editor: Colton Fordyce

Karol G - "Créeme" Official Live Perfomance | Vevo

Easily the most popular video I've ever worked on, Karol G is a hugely talented pop star. This view got over a million views in its first week! Her ability to put emotion behind every part of the song was so incredible to watch. I was a producer on this video. 

Calibre 50 - "¿Por Qué Cambiaste de Opinión?" | Vevo

An amazing song and video,  summed up by this review "Mil veces mejor esta versión que con banda, se siente con mas sentimiento 👌👌 (This version is a thousand times better than the original version, They sing it with so much more feeling)."   Diana Sanjuan, youtube review. I was a producer on this video.

Billie Eilish - Vevo Lift

"Don’t bother to pigeonhole Billie Eilish. She zigs while you zag, forcing a periodic reassessment of your take on her."

Director: Micah Bickham  DP: Chase Smith

Producer: Maura Scully  Editor: Kevin Rose

I was one of 5 camera operators.

Sigrid Vevo dscvr

Vevo has a really cool series called dscvr where they highlight exciting new musicians. Sigrid has been one of my faves

Director: Micah Bickham

DP: Jansen Powers

Production: Contrast Films

My role: Camera Op